Miami Ad School - IKEA packaging

From cardboard to fun

How to recycle or upcycle cardboard boxes? Miami Ad School have had a fantastic idea to solve this issue. In order to give a new life to IKEA packages and give kids invaluable experiences, they have transformed the cardboard boxes that come with furniture into play kits.

Miami Ad School have considered the fact that usually people tend to throw away the cardboard packaging when they bring it home or receive an IKEA parcel, but those boxes can be upcycled and reused to build new objects with much more value for someone else: kids.

Using lateral thinking and their design ability, the students of the institute have creatively imagined a way to transform the IKEA cardboard boxes into a space ship, just adding some dashed lines and geometrical shapes to print on the packages and an IKEA-style assembly manual to build and décorate the space ship.

Miami Ad School - IKEA packaging

Absolutely coherent and consistent with IKEA’s brand identity and with the interest and commitment to environmentally friendly behaviour that is part of the company’s brand values, don’t you think?

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