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Big MAC can

This year the Big Mac has turned 50. With the aim to celebrate this important anniversary, McDonald’s managed to convince another icon of the food and beverage sector – Coca Cola – to pay their respects and join the historical celebration organising an unprecedented co-branding action: a limited edition Coca Cola can.

The Big Mac, the world’s greatest classic sandwich by McDonald’s, the only one that’s available in all of McDonald’s restaurants and that has never changed its recipe nor any of its ingredients, has reached the venerable age of 50 in 2018. After all these decades of success, another amazing achievement: a co-branding, a “marriage” with Coca Cola, the most perfect match ever, so they could give birth to a limited edition Coca Cola can.

Because of that, you might happen to see a Coca Cola can dressed as a Big Mac, with a design representing the super-famous double burger, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, special sauce, sesame seed bun. As it was an unprecedented occasion, Big Mac also managed to find a way to show off, calling the new packaging “Big Mac can” and underlining how “only Big Mac can” convince Coca Cola to leave behind – even if for a limited edition – their brand to wear another. 😉

A very powerful co-branding action, don’t you think?

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