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Probably because I’m looking forward to my next opportunity for international travel, I’ve been attracted by one not-so-recent Emirates’ advertising campaign. Focusing on their reputation that – according to Tripadvisor – paints the airline as having “the best economy class in the world”, Emirates have created a commercial aimed to underline the quality of their offer, even the basic one.

“Don’t upgrade your seat, upgrade your airline! Fly Emirates, the best economy class in the world” is the headline that closes every commercial of the advertising campaign broadcast in UK by Emirates at the beginning of this year. The brand’s goal is to differentiate from their competitors underlining the high standard of their “economy” offer compared to others.

Travellers, frequent flyers in particular, have developed the habit to ask [or even, beg] an upgrade of their seats in order to have a more comfortable flight. This request is often supported by random excuses such as special occasions, over-kind behaviour, manipulation attempts… Considering these quite common episodes, Emirates have hyperbolically used them to pitch – in the first part of the commercial – a series of situations and let the viewer perceive them as unnecessary and excessive. The second part of the video is in contrast with the first and focuses on the composure of the Emirates client, obviously not in need of asking for an upgrade.


Interesting subject and hilarious way of communicating it, don’t you think?
Thinking about flights and travel… Do you realise that it’s less than a month to Christmas? Stressed? Panicking? Please, don’t. If you haven’t done yet, this is the right time to plan your escape plan for Christmas and upgrade your life. Book a flight to somewhere as far as possible in order to avoid all the celebrations or simply to relax after having spent them with your relatives and friends. 😉

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