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Design and advertising agencies, pay attention to Christmas gifts delivered from competitors to your staff! Last year, in fact, Good Morning, a Norwegian agency, created an insidious recruitment campaign organising a sharp and smart direct marketing action based on Christmas gifts: “The Trojan beer”.

It’s well known that talented people, such as developers and creatives, aren’t often interested in job ads and very often perfectly happy where they are. It’s also widely acknowledged that those professional figures are frequently beer lovers. So, in order to reach them, Good Morning have put in place, a few days before Christmas, a very sneaky direct marketing campaign.

The brand delivered to their main competitors a crate of beers camouflaged as a Christmas gift. In reality, though, each beer was a Trojan horse: the label was specifically designed to appear as a standard label, but after a day in the fridge, thanks to the temperature sensitive ink used to print it, the label turned into a job ad. Good Morning has invented a new nightmare for creative agencies, don’t you think?

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