Popradská - advertising campaign

Coffee tolerance

Popradská, a Slovak coffee producing company, aims to contribute to a better world with their advertising campaign: instead of making a commercial about their product, they’ve created an ad about coffee tolerance, focusing on the right of everyone to drink the coffee they like.

Popradská have had this idea – as creative as it is unusual – to produce a sort of social campaign against commenting on coffee. As the headline explicitly states “Stop commenting on other people’s coffee and yours will also taste better”.

I have to admit that, like lots of Italians, I’m a coffee purist: the coffee has to be mocha or espresso, while americano for me has something wrong by definition. By the way I have a rule: I don’t comment, I don’t ever comment on other people’s taste in coffee, I just don’t drink what I don’t like.

So, I completely agree with Popradská and their advertising campaign focusing on coffee tolerance: let everyone drink coffee as they like, especially today which is the first working day after the Christmas break for lots of people… and they deserve to sip a coffee in peace, don’t you think?


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