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Enjoy the winter sales

Thanks to winter sales, it’s shopping time! As a reminder – not that it’s truly necessary! 😉 – I’d like to share the social media campaign of Băneasa Shopping City, a Romanian mall. The brand has had the idea to organise a fashion experiment using Instagram in order to better understand how people choose their daily style. Interested? Keep going!

For their fashion experiment, Băneasa Shopping City hired Alexa and David, two attractive guys, probably models. For each of them the brand has created two different Instagram accounts, one showing them with a consistent look every day for 30 days, while in the other they have been pictured daily with a different style. They took a total of 742 photos on which the followers could like and comment on each outfit. Here’s the video.

The experiment idea was quite interesting and the development of the creativity very professional, but the results aren’t so appealing – or completely clear, don’t you think? And do you prefer to wear clothes with a consistent style or something new and different every day? Anyway, with the winter sale in either case you have the chance to buy something you like, don’t you?

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