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Wash your hands… and your book

Angfa, a Japanese soap company, has had an admirable and sophisticated idea. In order to communicate the importance of hygiene and in particular of washing hands to the children of Cambodia, they’ve created a very special book for them.

Helped by technology, Angfa have had the opportunity to build up a very special social campaign using a direct marketing strategy. Considering that “in developing countries 6,000 kids die every day from infectious diseases transmitted by dirty hands, such as pneumonia and malaria, they have published and distributed – starting with Cambodia – “The washable book”, an amazing peculiar book where the pages take on colour when washed, teaching the importance of hand-washing at the same time. The results have been unbelievable.

An amazing way for a company to take and show social responsibility. Angfa demonstrate that caring for people and their environment doesn’t necessarily mean renouncing a profit, don’t you agree?

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