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St Valentine redemption programme

What gift did you receive for St. Valentine’s? And what did you give? How romantic were those gifts? If you received or gave an unromantic present, have you heard about Velocity? Because last year the airline organised a very sarcastic and powerful direct marketing campaign aimed to redeem their unromantic customers. Discover more.

Velocity has a frequent flyer plan that allows their returning customers to collect points and use them to obtain other tickets or objects of various kinds, such as vacuum cleaners or toasters. Last year, on the day after Valentine’s Day, the airline called all the members who had used their points a few days before to buy something very unromantic, offering them a redemption opportunity.

Perfect customer care, fantastic way to spread loyalty for the brand, irony and sarcasm well used, customers data fantastically managed. A creative and appealing way of being noticed, don’t you think?

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