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Meatless on Mondays

Greenfield Natural Meat Co., in order to prove they truly believe in sustainability, have launched a social campaign to encourage people to go “meatless on Monday”. That is their contribution to lower the consumption level of meat and guarantee a better meat quality in the market.

I’m almost vegetarian, or better, I’m a flexitarian as people recently started calling “a person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish” [Oxford Dictionary]. I like meat, I couldn’t live without eating – from time to time – some of the amazing traditional Italian meat dishes, a fantastic British hamburger or a succulent Sunday roast. But I’m trying to buy and eat meat just when I know the quality is high and the meat is part of a tasty recipe.

According to The Grocer and BBC, 12% of Britons have a meat-free diet and an average of 29% of consumed meals are meatless, so I’m not the only one agreeing with Greenfield Natural Meat Co. on having a diet with a lower meat consumption or at least a meat free Monday. And you, are you going to join the meatless Monday movement?

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