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Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have a sort of translator for all those situations in which it is quite difficult to understand specific jargon or simple subtexts in a discussion? Quicken Loans claim to have created an app that helps with mortgage understanding and they have launched their product using a very appealing and empathetic advertising campaign.

To understand a language you don’t speak it’s quite obvious you need a translator, but in case of jargon or expressions used in specific contexts this usually isn’t possible. Considering the difficulties to communicate when people aren’t accustomed to the use of a specific jargon, Quicken Loans have managed to explain the function of their mortgage app using those situations as a perfect metaphor for incommunicability, source of potential misunderstanding and bad choices. Nothing that a translator – or an app – cannot support and solve.


Well-built message, appealing realisation… but now I’d like to have a life translator, wouldn’t you?

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