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Focus on: UK food trends – part 3

I love it when I can work with companies operating in the food market and build with them an international brand based on and in-depth knowledge of their markets and a good business plan. Here is a gift, some other data related to the UK food trends.


The UK claims one of the most developed organic and free-from markets in the world [the free-from sector alone is expected to reach a value of 558 million at the end of 2018]. Thanks to the improvement in intolerance diagnoses, but also because of an amplified celebrity culture, increased media attention and a higher level of well-known brands entering the market, the free-from category has become strongly present on retail shelves and one out of three Brits are now buying and eating free-from food.

Free-from icons

In particular, 22% of UK people are buying gluten-free products, 19% dairy-free products, 16% wheat-free and lactose-free products. 13% of the UK population say they avoid gluten and 55% of free-from consumers admit they consume these kinds of products even without an allergy or intolerance themselves. So, the free-from use has become a lifestyle choice transforming the “niche” market into something new.

Another free-from of great success is the meat-free. Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians [eating meat only on occasion], more and more people are going meatless and asking for plant-based meal options expecting more than “rabbit food”. The experts predict more root-to-stem cooking, vegan junk food, plant proteins like tempeh and seitan, a massive rise in fake steaks and plant-based patties. Meat-free meals are going mainstream, so that Impossible Burger “have been using a meat-free ingredient called heme to give faux beef that juicy texture that carnivores crave”.

[via: Mintel, Euromonitor, Attest, Opentable and Deliveroo reports]

To be continued in the next post 🙂

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