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Diversity in supermarket

In recent years the world seems to have gone mad and many countries – including UK and Italy, unfortunately – have developed “attitudes” that are not very inclusive towards diversity, be it in terms of gender, origin or lifestyle. I was looking for a good example able to show the reason why those “attitudes” are profoundly wrong and absurd when I bumped into the powerful ambient marketing activity organised some months ago by Edeka, a German supermarket chain. Curious? Read on!

Edeka‘s will was to take sides, to take part and position and to show how important and indispensable the presence of diversity is for a contemporary society. So, Edeka have had the idea to put into reality the narrow-minded vision so popular in recent years, and eliminate all the foreign products from their shelves. Have a look at the result for yourself!

Edeka couldn’t have found a more powerful statement than this. With this ambient marketing campaign activated in all their supermarkets, the meaning of diversity has been transformed into reality and Edeka made clear that diversity can give people much better supermarkets and much better society and lives.

Creative, strong and quite shocking, Edeka’s ambient marketing campaign underlines the amazing impact that a good metaphor can have and how sometimes one doesn’t need lots of words to make a point, a “little” action can be just as effective. Don’t you think?

P.S. Now, think carefully about Brexit…

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