Marmite - advertising campaign

Marmite lover or hater

Since I moved to the UK – more than 3 years ago, actually – I’m always hearing about Marmite, but I’ve never had the courage to taste it, I don’t know exactly why [probably because the colour doesn’t appeal to me at all], but I know here it’s a sort of must-have of the kitchen, as important as a kettle to embrace the British culture. Anyway, I’ve always been curious about it and now I’ve discovered this funny advertising campaign that helps me better understand the success of this peculiar product.

If you ask “What does Marmite taste like?”, every Briton I know can’t really answer. What they usually say is “It’s Marmite. You love it or you hate it!”. The brand seems to be very aware of its peculiarity and in the advert I selected, it plays with this assumption, the fact that in a family the two factions of thought can coexist… and that situation can cause some “friction”. So, they have created the “Marmite gene project” in order to test the “Marmite attitude” of a person through a gene test. It might seem absurd, but apparently it isn’t! 😀

I love that commercial and the idea behind it: very creative, conscious of the brand identity and its targets’ perception, the advertising campaign shows all the power of the product using a good amount of irony, don’t you think?
I didn’t check if the Marmite gene test is still available, but I promise I’ll try it sooner or later and I’ll let you know if I’m a lover or not! 😉

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