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Take a coffee with your neighbour [Tim Hortons]

Is everyone back from holiday? My blog is! As a good purpose for this restart of the year, I’ll follow the advice of Tim Hortons advertising campaign and take a coffee more often with one of my neighbours. The coffee brand have organised a social experiment in Canada using the “coffee’s power” and its brand experience convincing neighbours to “properly” meet and chat for the first time. The result is fantastic.

Nowadays our lifestyles are very often busy and quite stressful, and sometimes we feel we don’t have the time to build new relationships. In Canada people are usually described as friendly, but Tim Hortons discovered that 50% of them don’t know their neighbour, so they decided to organise a social experiment focused on building a fantastic brand experience on convincing neighbours to have a coffee together. Despite -5C degree and a bit of initial embarrassment, the operation went smoothly: you can have a look by yourself at the happy ending.


Not really original – Nescafé have done something similar a bunch of times – but well organised and anyway very consistent with the brand identity. Well done Tim Hortons, and thank you for being such an inspiration. And you, are you going to follow the advice?

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