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Art in your pocket

Missing holidays and all the art you could experience during your trips? Thanks to Paperwallet now you can bring a piece of art every day in your pocket and – most importantly – make good use of it. Here is the advertising campaign for the business and product idea behind the brand Paperwallet.

Paperwallet, as it couldn’t be clearer from the name, is a wallet made of paper and a memo of your favourite piece of art. The idea itself is great, very creative and original, even if so simple, but to find the right material for creating Paperwallet apparently was quite hard: it had to be very strong and durable, it must have the right weight, it needed to be water resistant and – preferably – eco-friendly. Curious to know how they chose it? Watch the video, it also includes a detailed description of all the amazing characteristics of this brilliant product.

An innovative, well designed, inspiring and trendy product, and the ad created for the Kickstarter’s crowdfunding campaign is amazing, don’t you think?

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