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Recycling a discount [Tesco]

Ocean pollution is a fact, a very scary problem that all of us must contribute towards solving. First of all we can do our best to reduce our plastic waste and focus on recycle and reuse. In Malaysia Tesco have launched a fantastic initiative to convince their customers to reuse their plastic bags to carry the shopping and to reward them each time. Discover how by reading on.

Tesco Malaysia have had a great idea. The goal they set consisted of decreasing the amount of plastic bags used to do the shopping at their supermarkets and, consequently, reducing the plastic waste of their customers in order to actively contribute to reducing ocean pollution. Then the idea, banal and genius at the same time: they add a barcode to every reusable bag and linked to the code a discount, so that every time the bag would be reused, the client would be rewarded with an actual saving. As simple as it is effective, don’t you think?


Each of us, with very small actions, can effectively help nature – and ourselves – to survive longer and live better. Reuse, recycle, walking or cycling rather than taking the car when it’s possible, and lots of other easy and often insignificant decisions can make the difference… like one plastic bag less in the Oceans. 🙂

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