KLM - awareness campaign

KLM awareness problem

What’s KLM? Apparently last year lots of Germans [46% to be precise] weren’t able to answer this very simple question. KLM made this discovery during a survey understanding that people mostly believed they were a bank, a restaurant or a radio station. So, they decided to launch a bizarre awareness campaign focus on ambient marketing. What did they call it? “We are an airline. 😀

Aware of the misconception Germans had about their brand, KLM decided to take the bull by the horns and send a clarifying message… becoming what the people though they were: a bank, a restaurant and a radio station. The amazing effect of the ambient marketing initiatives was that, other than explain their business and their services, KLM gave their bank’s customers flight tickets, to their restaurant’s clients flight’s meal, and to radio station audience all kind of ways to memorise their core business, even a song. Can you imagine? How could you forget they are an airline after that? Here’s the official video of the ambient marketing campaign.


Great sense of humour, fantastic idea and appealing rewards, don’t you think?

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