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Ibis and the odd direct marketing

I couldn’t stop myself bringing this direct marketing campaign to your attention, even if I tried to forget about it and postpone it, but this is so odd and sort of funny, at the end I’ve decided to give in and share. Ibis, the famous hotel chain, in order to create awareness for one of their value added services – the Ibis business card – has created a very special offer for customers that own the card. Suspense.

Ibis is a hotel chain well known as specialised in business trip accommodation, so they often propose campaigns and loyalty services for business clients. One of the latest was a direct marketing campaign named “Dream apparel”.
Follow me carefully here because things are about to get sort of surreal.

Assuming that their clients sleep very well in their hotel rooms, they have the idea to offer their business customers a literally “taylor made” gift: in order to bring with them the comfort they experienced in their Ibis accommodation, the hotel will provide for the morning after a handmade tailored shirt made with [drumroll] a brand new sheet. I’m not joking, see for yourself!


Honestly I have to say, this strategy grabs your attention for sure and maybe – after a good lough – it’s even appealing. Certainly the concept is original – at the edge of folly – and full of lateral thinking. But everything is very, very odd, don’t you think?

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