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Run for travel

Running is not my cup of tea. I can walk indefinitely, but running is an activity that I dislike wholeheartedly. Anyway, apparently, lots of people love running, lots of travellers – especially Millennials – are interested in finding the perfect spot to have a run even when they are on holiday or on a business trip. For them, last summer Miami Ad School ideated a promotional campaign “Run the world” used by Brooks, running shoes USA brand.

The concept idea is very creative: transforming running miles into airline flight miles. The process to put it into practice was quite simple. These were the steps to follow:

  1. open an account on Strava app
  2. put a special code in it
  3. select a destination and run wherever you like [even making a loop in the nearest park]
  4. with the run, cover the distance to the chosen location

Doing that, one gained the flight ticket to finally reach the dreamed-of destination. Other than that, the three runners with the most different routes run could have their entire vacation provided and documented.

Brooks - promotional campaign

Not for me, but I hope that some brand would organise a similar initiative for walking-lovers. Anyway, a fantastic idea to promote shoes and the beauty of travelling the world, don’t you think?

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