Statista - Top 10 vegan cities

Travel ideas for vegans

Are you vegan or vegetarian and planning your next vacation? Are you a tour operator considering building a vegan-friendly holiday package? In both cases, here are some inspirations that will help you find the perfect travel destination for you or for your target customer: the Top10 cities for people on a plant-based diet.

More and more people are embracing veganism and being vegan is now a mainstream trend and a widespread lifestyle. Increasingly more often restaurants are focused on offering vegan-friendly options in their menu and in some cities they are making a huge effort to please people who choose this type of diet.

Considering the Tripadvisor listings in the 50 worldwide most visited cities, Hayes & Javis have been able to select the ones with the highest number of restaurants that can be identified as vegan or that provide vegan meals. According to the analysis, Dublin [Ireland] takes first place with 21.1% of vegan-friendly restaurants among the ones listed on Tripadvisor, followed on the podium by Phuket [Thailand] with 20.1% and Amsterdam with 19.8%. In UK just London is in the Top10 and it places fourth with 19%, but Europe has 6 cities among the Top10: other than Dublin, Amsterdam and London, in fact, the list includes two Italian cities – Venice [18.6%] and Florence [18.4%] – and the Greek capital, Athens [17.2%]. Have a look at the rest of the ranking and pick your travel destination… or more than one! 😉

Statista - Top 10 vegan cities
[via: Statista]

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