Statista - Top 10 wine importing countries

Top wine importing countries worldwide

In 2018 worldwide countries produced more than 292 million hectolitres of wine, the major producers being Italy [54.8 m hl], France [41.9 m hl] and Spain [44.4 m hl], but which are the most valuable importing countries? Here are some data and the worldwide Top10 ranking for wine importers.

According to OIV โ€“ Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vin, it is possible to look at the importance of the importing countries for the wine sector in two ways: considering the volume of wine import or the value of it. In both cases, anyway, the podium countries are the same: Germany, UK and US. Germany being the first of the volume ranking followed by UK and USA; UK being the first of the value ranking followed by US and Germany. Here is the complete list.

Statista - Top 10 wine importing countries
[via: Statista]

This year this balance could be threatened by the precarious situation that both US and UK are experiencing politically. In both communities, in fact, the political situation could have a high impact on the wine market. On the one hand the US wine imports could be made unstable by potential tariffs proposed by the Trump administration on various European products such as cheese, wine and olive oil; on the other hand the UK wine importing sector could be affected by the eventuality of a no-deal Brexit due to possible price increase and supply restrictions. We need to monitor how the situation is going to evolve.

If you have โ€“ or are thinking of creating โ€“ a business in the wine sector or in sectors related to this and you are interested in analysing the subject further, I would love to hear from you.

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