IF design awards - VIP Wine packaging

Packaging trends 2/2

The effects on the environment and the request for personalisation and engaging experiences are key factors in packaging evolution. With this in mind, brands and businesses need to innovate their marketing strategy in terms of packaging design and production. Here are some further reflections on packaging trends.

IF design awards - VIP Wine packaging

A range of accredited research institutes have analysed the evolution of packaging functionality [i.e. extending products’ shelf life, preserving food ingredient fortification, ensuring safe delivery, highlighting products’ information and much more] then defining some next decade trends.

Other than plastic reduction and clear labelling, the third main transformation in the packaging sector will be technological. Consumers are interested in personalised offers, brands can use technology to fulfil this desire adding to their label a way to connect products to other online services in order to create engagement and interactions: QR codes, augmented reality and many other innovations which should be considered to improve the audience experience.

The fourth and final important packaging trend to underline is about box design. Considering the huge increase in ecommerce shopping and in order to reduce its impact on environment, manufacturers should work on packaging design, creating boxes that can maintain all the characteristics of a traditional container, but minimising weight, optimising the space occupied during storage and transport, increasing their strength.

If you are looking to innovate your packaging strategy, or just increase your understanding of your sector and trends through market analysis, I would love to hear from you.

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