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Marketing trend: wellbeing

Already on the radar in 2019, the concept of wellbeing is a trend – quite obviously – also this year and it will probably stay at the front of people’s minds for years to come. Consumers have become more conscious about their health and wellness and they are seeking brands that recognise their bodies uniqueness and their specific lifestyles while proposing healthy alternatives to include in their consumption. Here are some reflections and data.

Doncaster Council - wellbeing

In 2019 the concept of health has been turned into that of wellbeing, including in itself emotional and mental wellness: consumers have become more aware and started to conceive of their body as an ecosystem, then looking for solutions that integrate attention to personal health with their continuously evolving and specific needs.

Today the health-centric trend is more rooted than ever, wellbeing is the concept on which brands can build their innovation, but they have to be awake to the fact that wellbeing is still an intimidating idea: people self-limit from reaching health and wellness goals if they feel this can increase the stress level in their daily routine. Lack of time, lack of self-motivation or other lifestyle-related issues need to be taken into consideration and the “healthy offer” has to be manageable if not easy.

Improving health, feeling happier and looking better should be translated into a routine as simple as possible to practice, made of realistic and measurable goals, easy to integrate into daily life [i.e. drink more water, eat more vegetables, get an annual wellness exam, spend time with friends/family].

If you are looking for a change in your brand strategy, or if you are looking to increase your understanding of your sector and trends with a market analysis, I would love to hear from you.

P.S. If you are reading just my English posts: while I’ll continue to work, my blog goes on vacation until September [lucky him!] and wishes you to have a great summer! 🙂

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