Food and beverage trends

Food & Beverage industry trends 1/2

Having had a look around trends reports created by accredited research institutes for the 2020, I have put together a list of consumers’ desired features in different industries. Here are my findings for the food & drink sector to implement in their new production’s ideas.

In general, consumers’ concern regarding their health and environment is having consequences in the perception of the food and beverage industry, their products and their services, as well as their production and distribution processes. In this scenario, brands and businesses need to analyse and understand what they can do to meet the needs as much as the wishes of their audience.

Food and beverage trends

In terms of productions and processes, the most important issues the food & beverage industry needs to address seem to be the following:

  • put an end to the use of chemicals, a worry for 74% of UK consumers and the reason why people aged 18-24 define theirselves as especially attracted by products labeled as “organic”
  • reformulate products to make them healthier, an important issue for 56% of consumers [percentage that increases around 64% among Gen Z and Millennials]
  • reduce sugar, fat and salt, respectively a goal for 52%, 45,5% and 41% of Brits making food and drink options that make this claim their favourite, in particular almost one third of consumers prefer products sweetened with natural sugars [i.e. fruit or honey], over refined sugar
  • reduce, if not completely cut out, the use of plastic packaging and support the limitation of food waste, priorities for 31% of UK consumers

If you are looking to introduce some innovations into your marketing strategy, or just increase your understanding of your sector and trends through market analysis, I would love to hear from you.

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