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Food & Beverage industry trends 2/2

The study of trends reports created by accredited research institutes for the 2020 leads me to put together a list of consumers’ desired features in different industries. Here are my other reflections for the food & drink sector connected to the products variety.

Even talking about variety, consumers’ needs and requests to the food and beverage industry are strictly linked to their concern regarding their health and environment. In this context it has become fundamental for brands and businesses to listen to their audience suggestions and try to meet their desires.

Food trends

In terms of variety, the most interesting requests by consumers to the food & beverage industry seem to be the following:

  • provide more affordable healthy food options, in fact good quality food cost is a problem for 50% of Britons
  • support clients in eating more healthily, considering that 35% of people are trying to cook in a healthier way and that for 38% of Gen Z and 17% of Millennial this is the main reason why they are attracted by food and drink subscription services
  • provide more meat-free options, almost 60% of Britons claim they would eat less meat if meat-free alternatives were more and better, while 57% of UK consumers are potentially interested in trying the “meatless meat” products launched by some fast food chains
  • limit the communication of unhealthy food and drink starting from packaging, in fact 52% of Brits agree with the government’s proposal to use minimally branded packaging for snacks high in sugar, fat or salt, while 20% disagree and the rest have yet to come to a decision

If you are looking for a change in your marketing strategy, or you aim to reach a deeper understanding of your sector and trends through market analysis, I would love to hear from you.

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