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Time to change your passwords

Cyber security is not an “only for experts” topic, but concerns us more and more closely since we all use services that require us to choose a password… and often the passwords we use – also because of the need to remember them – are not very secure or we just use the same one for a multitude of logins. A SplashData search every year proposes the list of the worst most commonly used passwords with the aim of highlighting this widespread problem.

After the Christmas break, probably a few days ago you went back to work, you will have already recovered the emails and activities in arrears and you will be concentrating on new projects and new commitments, but it might be important to be able to find some time to increase the security of your online spaces and various tools by changing their passwords.

In particular, if one of the passwords you use to access one of your accounts is “123456” or “password” or one of the worst passwords listed below or in the more complete list published here by SplashData, then it is definitely urgent that you go and change it.

Statista - peggiori passwrod

[fonte: Statista]

According to SplashData, the three things to consider to protect yourself from online hackers are the following:

  1. use sentences or word unions of twelve characters or more, mixing within these multiple types of characters [i.e. uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters whenever possible]
  2. use a different password for each account or login so that if a hacker is in possession of one of the passwords you use, he or she cannot automatically access your other accounts
  3. use a “password manager”, a tool that allows you to organise, manage and generate random and secure passwords to access websites, thus protecting your identity and your resources

If your questions about security and maintenance of online spaces concern the creation of websites, portals or ecommerce, perhaps to be developed so that they give differentiated access depending on the type of user, contact me and I will be happy to support you in your project.

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