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Playing noughts and crosses with dinner [Daiya]

It could happen to everyone to be completely irresolute about dinner, to not be able to decide between spending an evening out with some friends in a cool restaurant or just playing couch-potato in front of the telly. Playing noughts and crosses to figure it out is not necessary anymore because Daiya sushi bar seems to offer the right solution to anyone who are in that kind of evening and mood: their delivery service.

A bookshop for the Cité Architecture Museum of Paris

The Cité Architecture Museum of Paris has organised an astonishing advertising campaign to promote the opening of their bookshop. This bookshop – quite obviously – is focused on publications about architecture and related matters, but with a bit of creativity the campaign visual has been able to show the target-users all the allurement that could be found inside a book of this kind.

Creativity would be better without fake briefs

Recently, School of Thoughts has launched a new advertising campaign as absurd as it isextremely captivating to promote their professional course to work in the advertising industry and at the same time to brutally react to some useless practices really popular in this market. Are you curious? Have a look! 🙂