Alessi + Longines + Fiorucci - advertising campaign

Branding Evolution 3rd step: the “TO DESIRE” era

The “TO HAVE” and “TO BE” era of branding cannot be enough in a market system that is full of competitors and in which products and services have to be very appealing to stand out. This post is going to continue the description of the changes that have occurred over time in the relationship among marketing, the “brand” concept and the consumers’ role in a third phase. Today I’ll tell you about the “TO DESIRE” era of branding.
Ford - adverstising campaign

Branding Evolution 2nd step: the “TO BE” era

After the 1st step of branding evolution or so called “TO HAVE” era, this post is going to continue the description of the changes that have occurred over time in the relationship among marketing, the idea of “brand” and the consumers’ role. Today I’ll show you what happens with the “TO BE” era of branding.
The Birds - advertising campaign

Branding Evolution 1st step: the “TO HAVE” era

With this post, I’d like to start a short series of micro-lessons, just to share with you my work methodology and some of the theories on which it is based. The next 4 posts are going to run through the branding evolution steps that bring to the actual conceptualisation of the relationship among marketing, the idea of “brand” and the consumers’ role. Today I’ll start describing the “TO HAVE” era of branding.
personal brand - Thinkbox TV Ad

What is “brand”? Everything can be a brand

What is “brand”? I feel the need to clarify what I mean with this word because often people tend to get confused and exchange or overlay a lot of different concepts to this specific one.
Fondation Cultura - awareness campaign

What would the world be like without culture?

Recently I bumped into two quite old advertising campaigns created by Fondation Cultura that make me laugh and reflect at the same time. With those campaigns, the foundation aimed to remind everyone how important “knowledge” is for each individual and to reach the goal they have chosen using language and words with irony and sharpness. - advertising campaign

Looking for a job? Wake up!

/, a web portal specializing in connecting demand and supply of professional services in almost every kind of sector, launched a fantastic advertising campaign in India with the surprising headline "Wake up" in order to give a metaphorical shake to its target and to induce its potential clients to improve their employment status.
Opmar Optik - advertising campaign

When the glasses complete yourself

Opmar Optik, a Turkish optician, to increase its products visibility and to intrigue its potential customers, has created an advertising campaign full of great creativity that winks at the concept of personal brands.
Jung von Matt - recruitment campaign

Using a font to find the new art director

Jung von Matt, a German advertising agency, has organized an original recruitment campaign that has allowed the brand to increase its awareness surprising the target and, at the same time, find a new art director focusing on the importance of creativity. Both goals have been reached thanks to just a font. Don’t believe me? Watch the video to find out for yourself!
Scrabble - advertising campaign

Love and anagrams [Scrabble]

In a few days it will be Valentine’s Day, and to celebrate the lovers with a bit of romanticism, nothing is better – at least from a branding point of view – than a fantastic commercial such as the one which Scrabble entered in the Cannes Lions competition in 2015 and named “Anagram Lovers”.
Brand Consultant [me]

Business cards for branding purposes

The business card is one of the first forms of communication when you meet a person in a professional context. [...] sometimes it becomes a tool to communicate not only the contacts but also the competitive advantage or one of the most important added values of a brand.

After the move, the blog’s restyling!

I have to support the launch of my work as a consultant abroad updating my online presence. So, here it is ... the restyling of the blog, now complete with professional portfolio and lots of English content. What do you think?
IKEA - advertising campaign

IKEA, a catalog or a cookbook?

After having learned – thanks to Elan – the best recipe to translate documents and other stuff online, let’s think about good recipes for interior designing. That’s IKEA’s idea behind an advertising campaign concept able to motivate people into reading the IKEA catalog/cookbook.
Glass Packaging Institute - social campaign

Glass bottles are better

Some months ago, the Glass Packaging Institute launched a really interesting social campaign. The campaign’s headline is “Upgrade to glass” and the aim of its wonderfully structured storytelling has been to persuade people to choose glass bottles over other kinds of packaging for beer and wine consumption.
Nest - advertising campaign

From the house’s point of view

The advertising campaign of Nest really grabbed my attention: the creativity with which the brand has pictured and described the house’s point of view about both home automation and life inside the walls is incredible. Just have a look at the videos and tell me I’m wrong!
David Foster Wallace - The last interview and other conversations - book

The Last Interview – David Foster Wallace [book]

I love to dedicate each Epiphany’s post to a book, a publisher or a bookstore. Because of my passion for David Foster Wallace books and the fact that I haven’t found the time yet to write a review about the first English book of his I read, my choice this year goes to “David Foster Wallace – The last interview and other conversations”.
Coca Cola - advertising campaign

A good purpose for the New Year: more real life

It seems to be that social networking is affecting our life a bit more than we should allow. Virtual connections are part of our identity now, but “real life” should remain the context we enjoy the most. Coca Cola has decided to underline this aspect in one of its latest commercials stimulating its targets to “stop phubbing” and to re-discover the taste of real moments.

Memorable Christmas family moments by Hallmark

It’s Christmas in two days. Ready for the relatives’ assault? The competition about decorations? The mess related to huge meals and gift opening? While you are preparing yourself for the worst, enjoy Hallmark’s advertising campaign that promotes its “Keepsake” painting with some ironic portraits of funny family situations.

Christmas and gifts at the office

Christmas is coming and with it the stressful shopping marathon to find the right gift for everyone [...]. I really envy the USA citizen that can count on Office Depot help, at least for picking up some gift for their colleagues at the office...

Taste the translation

Elan Languages has lauched its translation web tool by producing an amazing video, a perfect example of how a comparative advertising campaign should be. Quite obviously, Elan compared their tool with Google Translate that provides the same service and is the most used online translator on the Net. Elan’s creative concept is really convincing: watch the video and you will see! 😉

Tesco meets Doraemon in Thailand

In Thailand, Tesco – with the help of Doraemon’s smiling face – has organised a campaign that looks like a mixure between an ambient marketing and a direct marketing approach. The initiative has the intention of underlining and rewarding the effort of every single person who is contributing to the improvement of Thai society.

Heineken and the tattoo that can save your life

Safe and cool don’t have to be contrasting adjectives, they can be compatible. It’s what Heinekein has demostrated with one of their initiatives, a mix between a direct marketing campaign and an ambient marketing campaign. SafeStamp, the Heinekein idea, has the aim to sensitise people about the “drink and drive” issue and to contribute to a solution with the use of technology and some creativity.