Brand Storytelling: serialisation

Having started the conceptualisation of the storytelling of a brand creating the trademark and spreading the corporate identity, it would be time to develop the “plot” using different communication tools and strategy approach. Continue reading to understand how! ;)

After the move, the blog’s restyling!

I have to support the launch of my work as a consultant abroad updating my online presence. So, here it is ... the restyling of the blog, now complete with professional portfolio and lots of English content. What do you think?
Competition-law - blog – web portal

BRIEF: to redesign the website
PBDay - postcard e blog

Personal Branding Day – event

BRIEF: to design and organise a training day about personal brand
Ilaria Legato

Ilaria Legato – personal brand

BRIEF: personal branding plan
Soft Strategy - corporate blog

Soft Strategy – corporate blog and content management

BRIEF: to make the company recognisable and to increase its visibility online

IED – Master in Brand Strategy Management launch

BRIEF: to launch IED Master in Brand Strategy Management

FIDA – corporate blog

BRIEF: to create the corporate blog

Energy – trademark, brand identity, website and format franchising

BRIEF: to restyle the brand identity and increase its online and offline visibility