Save the children Christmas jumper day [Friday 13th December]

I didn’t know, but apparently in the UK as in the US one of the Christmas fashion must haves is an ugly quirky possibly knitted jumper to wear at special occasions before the winter holiday such as University and Business Christmas parties or more specific “ugly Christmas sweater parties”. Since 2012, Save the children have contributed to the spread of this silliness organising their “Christmas Jumper Day”.

Christmas Jumper Day is an annual charity event that this year is going to happen on Friday 13th December, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity Save the Children. The ONG aim is to convince as many people as possible to wear a Christmas jumper to work, school, the pub or even at home and spend some time together in a joyful and crazy environment.

Each participant at the event is asked to donate £2, sign up on the website and get the free special fundraising pack of this year, “crammed with everything you need to help make your Christmas Jumper Day fa(bauble)ous”: follow this link to know more and participate.
Here’s the 2018 funny advertising video.


I’m not sure that on Friday I would have the courage to wear an improbable jumper with a Christmas theme on it, but I find this idea so cheerful that I’ll be seriously [how ironic] tempted. And you?

Have a lovely holiday… and a tonic! ;)

My blog goes on vacation until September. I hope you’ll miss it! 😉 In the meantime, I wish you a marvellous summer and I leave you with a very unexpected tip for your holidays: as I discovered from the Thomas Henry’s advertising campaign, you can use tonic to avoid mosquitos bites. Have a look at their commercial if you don’t believe me 😉

Thomas Henry have discovered that tonic water contains quinine, and quinine is a natural mosquito repellent. So, they have decided to take advantage of this amazing piece of information and important knowledge launching “Mosquitonic”, the first tonic that comes with a special spry-cap that allows the drinkers of Thomas Henry’s tonic to use any leftovers of their tonic as a mosquito repellent. Watch the video to know more about this direct marketing campaign focuses on packaging.


Very handy, don’t you think?
Tip given, I just have to wish you a happy August. See you in September!

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Gardening and slang

Do you love gardening? I don’t have a garden, but I like spending some time on my balcony planting seeds and aromatic herbs in order to have a hint of Italian aromas nearby, at least in summer. Now I’ve discovered that there is a whole world behind gardening and I’m not just referring to the practical activity one can perform or the ability one can achieve, but to the language, the specific items of vocabulary one needs to know.

Gardening has its space in the official dictionaries, common or technical words used to refer and express almost all that’s needed when people are talking or writing about gardens and similar stuff. And, as in every other language area, there are some words or expressions that aren’t part of the official dictionary, but just slang terms used in daily life.

Lawn Doctor has launched a serial audiovisual branded content to spread those important pieces of gardening knowledge: “The Suburban Dictionary”.

“The Suburban Dictionary” is an interesting experiment of serial brand entertainment created by Lawn Doctor. The project started in February and the video series will run until mid-summer.

The branded content is made up of mini-clips of 15” in which a word of the suburban dictionary is presented, defined and shown in use thanks to a couple of video-slides. The concept is interesting, especially for those that are approaching gardening for the first time or who don’t have lots of experience; the curiosity, that the appealing – even if very simple – idea can create, can lead viewers to the other contents proposed by Lawn Doctor such as tutorials and from there to their franchise.

Have a look at some of the videos and see for yourself the results of this creative and very smart way to renew a brand active since the 1967.


Is the USA suburban dictionary used by Brits too? What’s different? Let me know 😉

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Your Grandma would love this

Today it seems always more difficult to keep in touch with people who don’t use online tools. Project GramGram is an initiative to help everyone to keep in touch with people that aren’t on social networks, focused especially on elderly people and – in particular – grandmas. Are you curious?

The idea of Project GramGram is to connect your Facebook and others social networks with the GramGram service in order to transform each status update in a “real mail” that would be sent directly to the addressee’s mailbox, such as your grandma. Grandma, then, would receive it in three to five business days, she would be able to interact with the post liking and commenting on it and send it back to you. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Fantastic to avoid cyber-silence and guilt. Even better if used jointly with calls and visits, don’t you think? If all this is true, today, thanks to GramGram, you can finally become your grandma’s favourite grandchild. If it isn’t, that’s a great ironic social campaign, one of the best I’ve seen. 😉

Trendy tea

Hälssen & Lyon describe themselves as a brand that “since 1879 […] has been crafting the finest teas for clients all over the world”. Keen believers in innovation, one of their latest missions was to attract a new group of potential clients: the fashion addicts. To achieve this goal, Hälssen & Lyon have created a charming direct marketing campaign and a stunning, incredible and surprising new collection of teabags, each one inspired by one of the world’s most iconic handbags.

The Teabag Collection is something unbelievably original, but capable to represent – at the same time – the power of inspiration that just the fashion heritage can express. To be able to realise this project, Hälssen & Lyon have worked with a well known handbag designer, Ayzit Bostan. The result is the realisation of five limited edition tea-handbags, each one inspired by a different fashion-oriented influencer and designed to fit the personality of the brew.

That was the debut of five black tea blends: a direct marketing campaign with a heritage soul in which each teabag has been handcrafted with cordless silk and permeable cotton, then packaged in a hand-made box and sent to a famous fashion addict. Needless to add the campaign has been a success.

Hälssen & Lyon - direct marketing campaign

Amazing idea and impeccable performance, don’t you think?

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Attitude is important

“The Give-a-Care Collection” is a line of products created by Rethink Breast Cancer, an association that aims to support women when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. All the gift ideas have been created to help the people around those women to show their support in a more sensitive and understanding way.

Rethink Breast Cancer have always been aware of how difficult it is to know – or even guess – what to do when someone one knows gets breast cancer. With the aim to assist those people in being effectively supportive with their beloved in this hard to face situation, they “asked women with breast cancer what they didn’t need” in order to discover their real needs.

As a result, they created “The Give-a-Care Collection”, a line of products that Rethink Breast Cancer describe as “the first line of products for young women with breast cancer, that actually understands young women with breast cancer. Each product helps treat both the physical and emotional side effects of treatment, and actually helps her through the hard days ahead.”

A touching, inspiring and sensitive way to face a problem. And I love that touch of cynical sarcasm that Rethink Breast Cancer have mixed with the positive and fierce attitude they suggest with each product. What do you think ?

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The coffee taproom [Nescafe]

Nescafé have introduced to their offer an amazing value added service for their American consumers: the Nescafé coffee taproom. It’s an initiative based on the ambient marketing approach that’s able to add value to the Nescafé brand experience, building loyalty through the existing customers of the company.

Considering that Nescafé make products that allow people to prepare a perfect cup of coffee at home, the challenge for the brand is to strengthen the relationship with its consumers when they aren’t at home. One of the moments in which the use of Nescafé products is more threatened is when their customers feel the need for a change of location, the urge to hang out with friends or just to change the air and go working or studying somewhere else… and what better environment to relax in, concentrate more and meet friends than a coffee shop?

So, Nescafé have decided to improve their brand experience extending their offer with a very valuable added service, their own chain of cafeteria, or better, coffee taprooms. Watch the video to know how they work.


I love the use of technology that consolidates the the sense of being part of the Nescafé community as much as I admire the will to please the customers reproducing also the almost-non-sense part of the experience one can have in a n ordinary coffee shop [I’m referring to the the mispelled name part], on the other hand highlighting the supposedly annoying part of it. The tone of voice is perfect, it make the advertising campaign studied for the launch more catchy, don’t you think?

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Business etiquette [guest post by Ellie Summers]

You know they say you have seven seconds to make a good first impression? And then there’s the other adage “First impressions last”. Combine these two and your first few moments during a business meeting become crucial to your future success. And this thought may cause you some anxiety. Are you adept at hiding this?

Why should you care? Isn’t it better to be truthful? No. Not when you need to impress colleagues or partners, so they put their trust in you. Your insecurity can cause distrust in your abilities. They may find someone else to fulfil your role. Self-assurance is only one important characteristic you should portray in the business world. What about respect, dealing with frustration and trust?

Did you know your body can communicate all these – and their opposites – in an instant? Now you know why you hate working with someone who rolled their eyes at you. Perhaps you fear your boss when you see hands clenched in anger. But which of your habits also keep people at a distance? This is not conducive to business success. And your eyes, hands and body can be the culprits.

That’s why you need this helpful infographic by Swiss Canadian Capital. What kind of impression do you want to leave? See which of these bad habits you have. Now change them.

Business Etiquette - infographic

Author: Ellie Summers

Nobody loves doing dishes

NOBODY loves doing dishes, especially around Christmas when hordes of relatives and friends are unavoidably attending and sharing each meal of the day, multiplying enormously the quantity of dishes to wash. Even Finish, the star specialised in dishwashing detergent, have admitted that and have transformed it in a commercial. Watch the video, if you don’t believe me!

Finish have collected and summarised all the worst reasons why it is inevitable that every rational person ends up hating doing the dishes. Then, with tons of creativity and a good inclination to dramatise and hyperbolise with irony, the brand have transformed the issue into a musical, a musical that they have used as an advertising campaign.

Even if you – like me – don’t have a dishwasher, you have to admit that this Finish commercial is an enjoyable masterpiece of advertising. And due to the rhythm, it’s perfect for Christmas time, don’t you think? 😀

P.S. Personally, I distrust and profoundly suspect the people that are able to look straight into your eyes and candidly affirm “I LOVE doing dishes… and ironing too… It relaxes me!”. In my opinion that’s impossible for a human being. So, immediately the question in my mind becomes: are they aliens or just great liars? Now, raise your hand if you love doing dishes.