McDonald's - branded content

A mobile charging service in McDonald’s style

McDonald’s seems to be continuously looking for new opportunities to please its targets. This time I was attracted by their idea to present and advertise the new free phone charging service using a special animated graphic.
Cotton awareness campaign

Relaunching “pure” fabrics: cotton and wool

Surfing the net in search of inspirational adverts to analyse, I bumped into a pair of commercials as interesting as they are “unusual”. They focus on wool and cotton as pure fabric and their collective trademark. The aim is to undeline all the positive characteristics of those materials and this goal is pursued launching a collective advertising campaign: a rarity these days. Do you want to watch them? Read more. - advertising campaign

Looking for a job? Wake up!

/, a web portal specializing in connecting demand and supply of professional services in almost every kind of sector, launched a fantastic advertising campaign in India with the surprising headline "Wake up" in order to give a metaphorical shake to its target and to induce its potential clients to improve their employment status.
Nest - advertising campaign

From the house’s point of view

The advertising campaign of Nest really grabbed my attention: the creativity with which the brand has pictured and described the house’s point of view about both home automation and life inside the walls is incredible. Just have a look at the videos and tell me I’m wrong!

Memorable Christmas family moments by Hallmark

It’s Christmas in two days. Ready for the relatives’ assault? The competition about decorations? The mess related to huge meals and gift opening? While you are preparing yourself for the worst, enjoy Hallmark’s advertising campaign that promotes its “Keepsake” painting with some ironic portraits of funny family situations.

Christmas and gifts at the office

Christmas is coming and with it the stressful shopping marathon to find the right gift for everyone [...]. I really envy the USA citizen that can count on Office Depot help, at least for picking up some gift for their colleagues at the office...

Taste the translation

Elan Languages has lauched its translation web tool by producing an amazing video, a perfect example of how a comparative advertising campaign should be. Quite obviously, Elan compared their tool with Google Translate that provides the same service and is the most used online translator on the Net. Elan’s creative concept is really convincing: watch the video and you will see! ;)

A vacuum cleaner to forget bad moments

Neato Robotics has developed its latest multisubject advertising campaign to launch its robot vacuum in a really different way. The campaign "Meet Neato" consists of five videos that look more like branded contents than simple commercials, each one telling a mini-story about a not-so-happy moment of a different character.

Less chocolate, less discount

SureSlim, a brand that proposes a weight-loss program and needs more people to sign-up, has had a brilliant idea to attract new customers by appealing to their inner glutton . The communication tool selected to obtain this aim was a flyer, a very special one, made out of chocolate, but that – despite apearances – would help people to lose weigh. Don’t you believe me? Keep reading! :D