Statista - annoying airplane passsengers

Travel responsibly

For me, now that COVID-19 allows it, it's time to have a break and switch off from the daily routine for a bit. For all who are about to fly somewhere, make sure you would be considered as a pleasant travel companion [...]. Have a look to the stats, then have a great holiday! :)
Getting your dream job - Jack Milgram

Getting your dream job [guest post + infographic by Jack Milgram]

We all have dreams, and getting the perfect job is often one of them. Having your dream job means that you enjoy every minute of it, that everything you do brings only positive emotions, and that you also get paid for all of the aforementioned goodness. Naturally, finding such a job may not be that easy (unless you’re incredibly lucky, of course). But there are ways you can bring yourself closer to your dream. And we want to show you some of them.

Business etiquette [guest post by Ellie Summers]

You know they say you have seven seconds to make a good first impression? And then there’s the other adage “First impressions last”. Combine these two and your first few moments during a business meeting become crucial to your future success. And this thought may cause you some anxiety. Are you adept at hiding this? - advertising campaign.

If you feel you have the wrong job []

Today, just a few days into the new year, I’d like to share with you a very old, but always current, advertising campaign by [a German website agency specialising in job search] that reminds everyone of the importance of not getting stuck with a job one doesn’t like or that doesn’t provide proper working conditions.
Alessandra Colucci - business card 2016

My new business card and the meaning of creativity

As you may already know, several months ago I moved my main residence to Oxford, even if I’m actually spending a significant amount of my time in Rome. To seal this change of perspective I thought it was necessary to move forward with my personal brand strategy, the redesign of the website, and develop a new business card. And here it is!
Personal brand infographic - universal microexpressions

Universal microexpression

There are some things which one can distinguish from others, and around which it is possible to build a personal branding strategy, but there are other things where each is absolutely identical to all the others. This goes, for example, for some expressions - or rather microexpressions - which determine the "reading" of the emotions on a face from the interlocutors.
Arena + Tecate + Trident + Loteria de la Provincia - advertising campaign

Branding Evolution 4th step: the “TO EXPERIENCE” era

The three steps theorised by Jacque Séguéla in the ‘90 – the ones I have called “TO HAVE”, “TO BE” and “TO DESIRE” eras – don’t seem to me enough to cover all the tranformations that have occurred over time in the relationship among marketing, the “brand” concept and the consumers’ role, so I have added another phase, the latest. Today I write about the “TO EXPERIENCE” era of branding.
Opmar Optik - advertising campaign

When the glasses complete yourself

Opmar Optik, a Turkish optician, to increase its products visibility and to intrigue its potential customers, has created an advertising campaign full of great creativity that winks at the concept of personal brands.
Jung von Matt - recruitment campaign

Using a font to find the new art director

Jung von Matt, a German advertising agency, has organized an original recruitment campaign that has allowed the brand to increase its awareness surprising the target and, at the same time, find a new art director focusing on the importance of creativity. Both goals have been reached thanks to just a font. Don’t believe me? Watch the video to find out for yourself!