Amazon - advertising campaign

Whatever you need, Amazon

In Spring and Autumn I usually feel that the house is in need of reorganisation. It should be because I have to swap clothes and shoes in order to get ready for the winter season, so everything seems to be in the wrong place. And there is always something missing: a box, a bulb, a certain tool... But now, fortunately, we have Amazon which, via one of their latest advertising campaigns, promises to provide “Everything you need from A to Z”!
Designmantic - infographic

10 logo “must have”

Sometimes – too often, actually – I come across a very badly designed trademark or logo. So, when I saw the infographic I’m going to share in this post, I couldn’t help but like it. Here you can find the 10 rules you should follow – or, better, you should assure your graphic design follows – when creating a logo or a trademark.
AMG - brand identity

Brand Storytelling: the start

Everything that comes into contact with a business ends up telling a story: this is the new awareness that lies behind holistic marketing and empathic brand concepts. Each element of communication, every choice and every action - not only the products and/or services that one offers - together form the brand values and the reputation of a company.
Buongiorno e Buonasera - brand identity

Buongiorno e Buonasera – business plan, trademark and brand identity

BRIEF: to create a format for refreshment bar, pizzeria and sale of specialty foods
Italy Luxury Design - website

Italy Luxury Design – branding plan

BRIEF: launch new brand to market expansion
PBDay - postcard e blog

Personal Branding Day – event

BRIEF: to design and organise a training day about personal brand

FSG – trademark, brand identity and website

BRIEF: to create the brand identity for the firm “Ferrara Santamaria Gallotti” coherent with the personal brand of the lawyer Alberto Maria Gallotti

Energy – Sinergy and school for trainers launch

BRIEF: to launch SYNERGY [new sport] and to create a school for trainers

Energy – trademark, brand identity, website and format franchising

BRIEF: to restyle the brand identity and increase its online and offline visibility