Buongiorno e Buonasera - postcard & business card

Buongiorno e Buonasera – branding planΒ and launch

CLIENT: Buongiorno e Buonasera Ltd [pizza, cafΓ© and deli]

PERIOD: September 2014 – August 2015

BRIEF: to develop and launch the Buongiorno e Buonasera format for eatery, bar cafeteria, pizzeria and deli focused on Italian food

TASK: branding plan; development of brand identity [business card with loyalty card, wrapping paper, bags …]; website architecture and content definition; content organisation and definition of the editorial line; design of the website structure, layout and usability; SEO copywriting in Italian and English; website build up, onsite SEO, debugging and maintenance; launch campaign with promotional postcards; brand strategy to gain visibility online and offline; direct marketing strategies and developing partnerships; strategic consulting for business development.

SKILLS/ROLE: account, brand manager, strategic planner, web architect, content manager, copywriter, creative director

Buongiorno e Buonasera Branding Plan – Index [ENG]

Buongiorno e Buonasera - postcard and business card

Buongiorno e Buonasera - website