Gruppo Fincres - real estate

Gruppo Fincres – strategic plan and strategic consulting

CLIENT: Fincres SpA [company active in the construction, real estate, tourism, hospitality and wellness industry]


PERIOD: June 2019 – December 2019

BRIEF: to create a strategic plan for the relaunch of Gruppo Fincres in the real estate sector with a focus on the direct sale of apartments and support for the creation of the corporate web portal

TASK: brand analysis; business goals definition; target definition and analysis; definition and analysis of competitive advantage, added values, brand values and business approach; market analysis with a focus on consumer trends, in the real estate sector in general and in the local sector in particular; analysis of the appealing elements of the territory with respect to the primary catchment area and the identified targets; competitor analysis and strategic plan; reorganisation of the brand architecture; concept for restyling the brand identity; strategies to develop the online presence of the brand; strategies to gain visibility online and offline; direct marketing strategies and developing partnerships; content analysis and website architecture; content reorganisation and definition of the editorial line; design of the website structure, layout and usability; SEO copywriting.

SKILLS/ROLE: strategic planner, web architect, copywriter, content manager

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