Jingle Trends - evento

Jingle trends – event

CLIENT: Asymétrie [tailored clothing brand] and Milleocchiali [COF – Consorzio Ottico Folletto; optician chain]

PARTNER: Master IED in Brand Management, Bernabei Consulting

PERIOD: June 2019 – December 2019

BRIEF: to create co-branding activities between Asymétrie [tailored clothing] and Milleocchiali 4.0 [eyewear] and launch their collaboration organising “Jingle Trends” event

TASK: co-branding positioning strategies; event design and promotional campaign; set-up design; creative direction and logistic coordination; selection of suppliers and identification of partners; event organisation “Jingle Trends – 12 tales between craftsmanship and technology” aimed to increase the visibility of the Milleocchiali 4.0 collection and Asymétrie AI19-20 collection, as well as to present Asymétrie SS20 collection.

SKILLS/ROLE: strategic planner, creative director, event manager

[Photos: Viola Carboni; Copy: Eleonora Cordella and Mariantonietta Garibaldi]