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Good Morning Agency - direct marketing

Beer recruitment

Design and advertising agencies, pay attention to Christmas gifts delivered from competitors to your staff! Last year, in fact, Good Morning, a Norwegian agency, created an insidious recruiting campaign organising a sharp and smart direct marketing action based on Christmas gifts: β€œThe Trojan beer”.
Jung von Matt - recruitment campaign

Using a font to find the new art director

Jung von Matt, a German advertising agency, has organized an original recruitment campaign that has allowed the brand to increase its awareness surprising the target and, at the same time, find a new art director focusing on the importance of creativity. Both goals have been reached thanks to just a font. Don’t believe me? Watch the video to find out for yourself!

Creativity would be better without fake briefs

Recently, School of Thoughts has launched a new advertising campaign as absurd as it isextremely captivating to promote their professional course to work in the advertising industry and at the same time to brutally react to some useless practices really popular in this market. Are you curious? Have a look! :)