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Knigosvet - storytelling

For bookworms

Are you a bookworm? Do you keep going day and night if the novel you are reading is engaging enough to keep you unaware of what’s happening in your surroundings? If so, Knigosvet were thinking of you when they decided how to launch and promote their new lamp.
David Foster Wallace - The last interview and other conversations - book

The Last Interview – David Foster Wallace [book]

I love to dedicate each Epiphany’s post to a book, a publisher or a bookstore. Because of my passion for David Foster Wallace books and the fact that I haven’t found the time yet to write a review about the first English book of his I read, my choice this year goes to “David Foster Wallace – The last interview and other conversations”.

Listening to a book [Penguin]

One of the latest advertising campaigns of Penguin is about their audiobooks. To promote that book series collection the brand have decided to create a multi-subject print campaign that aims to suggest a nostalgic atmophere and to talk to the children living inside every fiction-addicted reader.

A bookshop for the Cité Architecture Museum of Paris

The Cité Architecture Museum of Paris has organised an astonishing advertising campaign to promote the opening of their bookshop. This bookshop – quite obviously – is focused on publications about architecture and related matters, but with a bit of creativity the campaign visual has been able to show the target-users all the allurement that could be found inside a book of this kind.