Alessandra Colucci - business card 2016

My new business card and the meaning of creativity

As you may already know, several months ago I moved my main residence to Oxford, even if I’m actually spending a significant amount of my time in Rome. To seal this change of perspective I thought it was necessary to move forward with my personal brand strategy, the redesign of the website, and develop a new business card. And here it is!

Portfolio Items

Mana Consulting - management consultancy

Mana Consulting – trademark, brand identity, website

BRIEF: to create and develop the brand identity and website for the new management consulting firm Mana Consulting
Putipiu - food in pouch

Putipiù – branding plan, creative direction, copywriting

BRIEF: to develop and launch the Putipiù brand [new Dodaco label of food products packaged on spout pouches] including the brand identity and brochure design aimed to present the Putipiù's product lines during trade fairs
Dodaco - azienda di confezionamento

Dodaco – corporate blog and strategic consulting

BRIEF: to redesign the corporate website in SEO and to improve the brand identity
Huawei - brand identity

Huawei – event brand identity

BRIEF: to create the brand identity for the event "Huawei per Roma"

NaplEST – brand identity for the event

BRIEF: to create the brand identity for the event to launch the project NaplEST

FSG – trademark, brand identity and website

BRIEF: to create the brand identity for the firm “Ferrara Santamaria Gallotti” coherent with the personal brand of the lawyer Alberto Maria Gallotti

Quadrics – trademark, website and consultancy

BRIEF: to restyle the brand identity and website; to improuve relations between the Italian and the English staff

Emerge – brand identity and consultancy

BRIEF: to reorganise of business communication processes and redesign brand identity