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Very Chocolate - packaging

Back-in-the-office blues? Try the chocolate cure

Very chocolate needed to acquire a stronger position in its market and to figure out a way to distinguish his product from all the other chocolate bars. To achieve its goal, the company has decided to focus on a new packaging and some powerful creativity launching the campaign named “The perfect cure for almost everything”.

Less chocolate, less discount

SureSlim, a brand that proposes a weight-loss program and needs more people to sign-up, has had a brilliant idea to attract new customers by appealing to their inner glutton . The communication tool selected to obtain this aim was a flyer, a very special one, made out of chocolate, but that – despite apearances – would help people to lose weigh. Don’t you believe me? Keep reading! :D

Trick or treat? [Miau]

This isn’t an early Halloween post... even if in a certain way it could be. This is about the amazingly tricky decision that Miau chocolate is not so implicitly asking to the parents of the kids pictured in their latest advertising campaign. Have a careful look at the visual to know the details of what I’m talking about.