Save the children Christmas jumper day [Friday 13th December]

I didn’t know, but apparently in the UK as in the US one of the Christmas fashion must haves is an ugly quirky possibly knitted jumper to wear at special occasions before the winter holiday such as University and Business Christmas parties or more specific “ugly Christmas sweater parties”. Since 2012, Save the children have contributed to the spread of this silliness organising their “Christmas Jumper Day”.

Christmas Jumper Day is an annual charity event that this year is going to happen on Friday 13th December, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity Save the Children. The ONG aim is to convince as many people as possible to wear a Christmas jumper to work, school, the pub or even at home and spend some time together in a joyful and crazy environment.

Each participant at the event is asked to donate £2, sign up on the website and get the free special fundraising pack of this year, “crammed with everything you need to help make your Christmas Jumper Day fa(bauble)ous”: follow this link to know more and participate.
Here’s the 2018 funny advertising video.


I’m not sure that on Friday I would have the courage to wear an improbable jumper with a Christmas theme on it, but I find this idea so cheerful that I’ll be seriously [how ironic] tempted. And you?

Christmas magic

To wish you a playful Christmas, full of joy and love, it’s my pleasure to use one of the advertising campaigns created by Scrabble, capable of fully expressing how words are fundamental to communicate and share, how they should be chosen carefully to build up the right atmosphere, how words can show us the beauty of a change of perspective.

The Scrabble commercial shows how, behind each word, thanks to anagram, we can discover other possible terms and meanings, as it happens with life when we are able to explore different points of view to better understand a situation.


This Christmas, try to build up the Christmas magic using the magic of words. Have a cheerful Christmas!

Nobody loves doing dishes

NOBODY loves doing dishes, especially around Christmas when hordes of relatives and friends are unavoidably attending and sharing each meal of the day, multiplying enormously the quantity of dishes to wash. Even Finish, the star specialised in dishwashing detergent, have admitted that and have transformed it in a commercial. Watch the video, if you don’t believe me!

Finish have collected and summarised all the worst reasons why it is inevitable that every rational person ends up hating doing the dishes. Then, with tons of creativity and a good inclination to dramatise and hyperbolise with irony, the brand have transformed the issue into a musical, a musical that they have used as an advertising campaign.

Even if you – like me – don’t have a dishwasher, you have to admit that this Finish commercial is an enjoyable masterpiece of advertising. And due to the rhythm, it’s perfect for Christmas time, don’t you think? 😀

P.S. Personally, I distrust and profoundly suspect the people that are able to look straight into your eyes and candidly affirm “I LOVE doing dishes… and ironing too… It relaxes me!”. In my opinion that’s impossible for a human being. So, immediately the question in my mind becomes: are they aliens or just great liars? Now, raise your hand if you love doing dishes.

The “real” Christmas break is by Kit Kat

Christmas is very close, it’s almost here. I’m quite sure you have been in a hurry since what probably feels like a very long time. So, my gift for you this year – thanks to Kit Kat’s advertising campaign – is… half a minute of complete nothing. Enjoy this peaceful moment before the next days of noisy happiness, then, have a great Christmas! 🙂


As far as I’m concerned, this commercial is amazing. Completely in contrast with the traditional Christmas advertising campaign and the best way to prepare ourselves for Christmas holidays. The “real” Christmas break, a wonderful gift from Kit Kat – the king of breaks – that’s worth sharing. Don’t you think?

Memorable Christmas family moments by Hallmark

It’s Christmas in two days. Ready for the relatives’ assault? The competition about decorations? The mess related to huge meals and gift opening? While you are preparing yourself for the worst, enjoy Hallmark’s advertising campaign that promotes its “Keepsake” painting with some ironic portraits of funny family situations.


What about your memorable Christmas family moments? Are some of your relatives similar to the ones described so sharply by Hallmarks in this advertising campaign? Fortunately these videos have made me laugh out loud, so I’ve been able to decompress a little before the beginning of the dances from parents to relatives’ houses during the approaching season… Enjoy your holiday and Merry Christmas! 😉

Christmas and gifts at the office

Christmas is coming and with it the stressful shopping marathon to find the right gift for everyone that sometimes makes me think about spending the entire period abroad, on some desert island somewhere, far away from mall and shopping centre, the crowd in the streets and the queues to the cash desks. I really envy the USA citizen that can count on Office Depot help, at least for picking up some gift for their colleagues at the office…

The amazingly funny advertising campaign of Office Depot, in fact, suggests some fantastic gift ideas to buy for the people of the office, everyone thought through and considering the type of colleague and his/her specific behaviour. With this aim, Office Depot has produced and lauched five different commercials to describe five different characters: the pen-thief, the obsessive-labeler, the death metal guy, the germophobe and the multitasker. Enjoy the video and discover the gift-ideas! 😉


With this advertising campaign surely Office Depot has succeeded in reaching their target audience and attracting their attention thanks to the sharp irony of the commercial storytelling, don’t you think?