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Jingle Trends - Geometrie Gemelle - Coppedé, Tangerine Sunset

Jingle Trends – co-branding event

I designed and managed “Jingle Trends - 12 tales between craftsmanship and technology”, a co-branding event between a private university and two fashion brands
Brand at Work IX

IED Master’s in Brand Management

My multifaceted role at IED Master's in Brand Management as the programme designer, academic coordinator and senior lecturer was a remarkable 10+years adventure
Jingle Trends - evento

Jingle Trends – event

BRIEF: to create co-branding activities between Asymétrie [tailored clothing] and Milleocchiali 4.0 [eyewear] and launch their collaboration organising “Jingle Trends” event

Milleocchiali – strategic consulting

BRIEF: to increase the Milleocchiali brand's visibility [optician chain] on the market and relaunch the Milleocchiali 4.0 line
Asymétrie - abbigliamento

Asymétrie – strategic consulting

BRIEF: to increase the visibility of the Asymétrie brand [tailored clothing brand] and build up strategies for internationalisation

Fida – strategic consulting

BRIEF: to increase the visibility of the Fida brand [company specialising in ICT and urban furnishings] and its Transportation area on the national and international market
Elpack - partnership master IED

Elpack – direct marketing

BRIEF: to optimise direct marketing strategies aimed at Elpack client retention and expansion of the target market
PBDay - postcard e blog

Personal Branding Day – event

BRIEF: to design and organise a training day about personal brand