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Jingle Trends - Geometrie Gemelle - Coppedé, Tangerine Sunset

Jingle Trends – co-branding event

I designed and managed “Jingle Trends - 12 tales between craftsmanship and technology”, a co-branding event between a private university and two fashion brands
Jingle Trends - evento

Jingle Trends – event

BRIEF: to create co-branding activities between Asymétrie [tailored clothing] and Milleocchiali 4.0 [eyewear] and launch their collaboration organising “Jingle Trends” event

Milleocchiali – strategic consulting

BRIEF: to increase the Milleocchiali brand's visibility [optician chain] on the market and relaunch the Milleocchiali 4.0 line

Milleocchiali – promotional campaigns

BRIEF: to organise the opening of a new store and to create promotional monthly campaigns