Things difficult to share [McDonald’s]

In order to launch their new “Chicken selects” product, McDonald’s have thought to create an advertising campaign focused on the fact that its goodness is so irresistible to make anyone selfish. This concept has been transformed in a sympathetic commercial, watch the video to discover more.


It appears clear that the aim of McDonald’s is to underline the perception of great taste they want to link with “Chicken selects” eating experience, other than the crispness of the breading and the fact that one portion would be barely enough for one person considering the pleasure. The idea has been made more engaging thanks to the ability of structuring around it a short but complete story: there is an expedient [two girls are together in an elevator], an accident occurs [the elevator breaks], it reaches a climax [with the time passing, the girls share objects and share some life stories], then there is a twist [they can share anything but the McDonald’s Chicken selects] that makes you smile.

So, storytelling is one of the things that makes this commercial work. The second element is the “sharing part”: sharing is a very important concept and issue for our society because it’s considered normal and good to be happy to share data, information, software code, cars, bikes, houses and offices… the fact that the characters of the McDonald’s story aren’t ready to share the crispy chicken makes it special, interesting, more desirable in some ways and it develops the curiosity of the potential targets around the product. Smart idea, don’t you think?

Recruitment via “pirate” sharing

In a job market which is increasingly competitive given the abundance of supply and the decrease in demand, even companies and agencies – like Ogilvy – are often looking for new recruitment strategies in order to be noticed and attract only highly motivated candidates and in line with the wanted profiles.

Some time ago, Ogilvy Brussels needed a new web designer able to bring fresh and original ideas to the agency. So, the agency have decided to run a creative recruitment campaign based on the idea that designers that are not yet included in working structures often cannot afford the economic investment required for the purchase of programs they need to use for their professional activities and a lot of them download programs which have been illegally shared.

Considering that, Ogilvy have decided to use the same file-sharing pirate platforms to upload their idea: something that seems similar to one of the software packages desired by web designers, but containing an opportunity to work at the agency. Watch the video for more details about the recruitment campaign!


Probably the creatives felt some fear, but certainly at the end they would have been happy to participate in the interview, don’t you think? 😉