Glasgow School of Art - social campaign

Transform problems into opportunities

This is an amazing story of how one can transform a terrible event into an opportunity. After the fire destroyed the iconic library of Glasgow School of Art everyone was shocked, but no one lost hope to rebuild it. They have found a perfect way to raise funds while showing the amazing importance and power of creativity.
Fearless Girl - New York

Women’s Day

Tomorrow is Women’s Day. I’d like to live in a world where we didn’t need it. Where women have effectively the same rights and opportunities as men, the same wages for the same jobs and responsibilities. I’d like to live in a world where diversity is valued as a powerful strength in every context. I’m sure we can achieve that and, to remind you of this goal, I’m sharing this video today. Enjoy!

Help a Dane [post for the Brits]

I’m here today to share and spread the appeal sponsored by Denmark, but hoping that it would help the English people too. The appeal, in fact, focuses on asking support for Danish – people with a very delicate skin, like lots of English [and me] – and help them get back home safe and sound after their holidays abroad.
Royal Life Saving - social campaign

Safe and smart idea for swimming pools

Royal Life Saving have had the idea of launching a very clever social campaign. It’s focused on safeguarding swimming safety and it uses WIFI passwords at public swimming pools with the aim of encouraging parents to watch their children, instead of their phone. An easy campaign to put into practice and that would be worth copying!
Alibi Bar & Uber - business card

Useful business card for Uber and Alibi Bar

With the aim to help you decide if the moment to forget your car and call for a lift has arrived, Uber have created their new business card and direct marketing campaign in partnership with Alibi Bar. Have a look to know more!
ANZ Women - advertising campaign

Inspiring an equal future

We are living in a world that isn’t fair. According to a variety of research and reports ours is still a world in which women don’t have the same opportunity as men. ANZ women has lauched an inspiring advertising campaign with the aim “to highlight the need for systems to better support women”. One of its commercials was shortlisted at Cannes Lions 2016.
Citroen - social campaign

This summer, be safe! [advertising campaign]

Some months ago, Citroën launched a social campaign against the “text and drive” attitude that many people have in common. The advert headline is simply “Tex and drive can be dangerous”, but the three visuals are related to a very powerful and amazingly creative metaphor. Curious? Keep reading... :)
Fondation Cultura - awareness campaign

What would the world be like without culture?

Recently I bumped into two quite old advertising campaigns created by Fondation Cultura that make me laugh and reflect at the same time. With those campaigns, the foundation aimed to remind everyone how important “knowledge” is for each individual and to reach the goal they have chosen using language and words with irony and sharpness.
Glass Packaging Institute - social campaign

Glass bottles are better

Some months ago, the Glass Packaging Institute launched a really interesting social campaign. The campaign’s headline is “Upgrade to glass” and the aim of its wonderfully structured storytelling has been to persuade people to choose glass bottles over other kinds of packaging for beer and wine consumption.